PEPPER SPRAY (20ml) – Malaysia’s FIRST Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray Pep spray


Do not store near the FIRE. Non-flammable. Avoid accidental contact with eyes, skin or mucous membrane. In case of external contact: Flush thoroughly with water. Do not rub. Symptom will disappear in 30-45 mins.

The Basic safePro 20mL come with a keychain, convenient to carry and hang with car keys.

Effective range: 4 feets

Shelf life: 2 years

2 Million Scoville Heat Units. Contain 2% oreoresin capsicum (Pepper extract).  

INSTRUCTIONS for using SAFEPRO Pepper Spray

1. Hold can in upright position.

2. Turn activator to fire position.

3. Direct spray at face of attackers.

4. Press down firmly and spray liberally.

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