Studio Policies

#1. Fees

  1. Fees are payable on a monthly basis, withdrawal from class will not be entertained unless it is on a permanent basis or with the approval of Trainer . (*See Policy #12 Withdrawal From Class Policy)

  2. Class rates are based on a Monthly Rate. The Fees is due every month on the 5th of the month. If fees payments are more than Two (2) weeks late, participation in class will not be allowed until the balance is paid.

Note: We do not offer credit or carry forward for classes missed unless a class has been cancelled by the Trainer and a replacement class could not be arranged for that month.

#2. Registration Fee

A non-refundable registration fee of RM50.00 is to be paid when registering. You will get a complimentary Training T-shirt to be worn during all training. Should you want to purchase additional T-shirt, the price will be RM40 per piece.

#3. Studio Damages

Should any member(s) unintentionally or intentionally damaged any studio’s fixed or moving equipment or facilities,  payment of the damages are required.

#4. Punctuality

Be PUNCTUAL for all trainings. If you arrive late, wait until the trainer grants permission to join the group.

#5. Before & During Training

  1. Remove watches, rings and other jewelry before training.

  2. Carry out the directives of the trainer PROMPTLY. Do not keep the rest of the class waiting for you!

  3. Do not engage in rough-housing or needless contests of strength during class.

  4. Keep finger and toe nails cleaned and trimmed to avoid unnecessary injuries.

  5. Advise the trainer of any injuries or health issues before class. Notify the trainer immediately if you are injured or become ill during training. Do not leave the floor without trainer’s permission.

  6. Show spirit of enthusiasm at all times.

  7. Maintain proper posture at all times. DO NOT:

    • Lean against the wall

    • Place your hands on your hips

    • Cross your arm in front of you

    • Lean forward &/ or place your hands on your knees

  8. Members should avoid leaving the floor to get water, wrap toes, feet, finger, etc. unless it is necessary. Training involves some pain endurance. You cannot stop in the middle of a real fight to get a drink of water.

  9. If you do not know the answer to a question that another member has asked you, find the solution by asking the Trainer, a more senior member. DO NOT MAKE UP AN ANSWER.

#6. Drop off/Pick Up

It is our policy that members will not be allowed to wait in front of the building to be picked up. For safety reasons, members are asked to wait inside the studio for pick up. Switch Flipper Training Provider PLT will not be held responsible for members at any time before, during or after class time.

#7. Illness

For the protection of the community, please refrain from coming to class if you have experienced a fever in the last 24 hours. Please call the Trainer if you will be missing a class due to illness.

#8. Substitute Trainers

Due to illness or personal reasons, substitute trainers may be needed at times. All substitute trainers should be treated with respect.

#9. Attire Policy

  1. All members are expected to wear the provided Training T-shirt during all training. Failure to dress appropriately may result in the student being unable to participate. No baggy clothes, jeans, overalls or jewelry please.

  2. All OUTDOOR Shoes remain outside at the shoe rack. Only INDOOR TRAINING SHOES are allowed to be inside the studio.

#10. Studio Closures

The studio will be closed for all major holidays.

#11. General Information

  1. Please be considerate of all others around you. Absolutely no gum, food or drink in the studio. Members are responsible for cleaning up and throwing away their trash. Please leave valuables and jewelry at home, as the studio is not responsible for missing items. Unclaimed lost and found items will be donated if not claimed within 3 months.

  2. Be mindful to handle personal relationships and situations privately and out of class. On going trainings should not be affected in any way. We are here to maintain a close and family oriented community that encourage each other to improve and excel.

#12. Withdrawal From Class Policy

NOTE: This policy is being implemented to maintain the cost of operating the studio and upgrading the facilities and training equipments and to protect the interest of the regular members who are committed to the training.

  1. Should you decide to Permanently Withdraw from a class, you are required to give One (1) month written notice via Email or Private Message to the Trainer, failing which the monthly fees payment for that month will still be due despite your absence, as the spot has been reserved by you. The fee may be deducted from your deposit for any missed payments due to absence. Except for medical reasons.

  2. After withdrawal from class, deposit will be refunded to you. Should you decide to continue for the following month, you are required to re-register yourself as a new student. A Registration fee of RM50 and a 1 Month Deposit will be chargeable each time you rejoin a class.

  3. All members are to diligently attend all weekly trainings on a monthly basis to be able to see your own physical and mental progress as well as developing self-discipline. The Trainer will also be able to monitor your progress and provide constructive feedback for further improvement. In the event of unforeseen circumstances such as medical and injuries, please duly inform the Trainer.