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Switch Flipper is a HRDF Certified Training Provider that provides Soft skills & Physical development programs to the General Public and Corporate Employees

The Training & Development Programs we offer range from (click on the program for more info):

1) Self-Defense Courses 

2) Kids Public Speaking Course 

3) Teens Public Speaking Course

4) Adult/Corporate Presentation Skills Workshop

5) Corporate Team-Building (HRDF Claimable)

6) Corporate Professional Skills Training (HRDF Claimable)

7) Staff Development & Retention Program Through Martial Arts


To be the most influential training provider that breaks society’s mindset & physical barriers to develop potentials and achieve dreams.

1) Unlock the potential in each individual in the society
2) Break the society’s barriers of mindset, which is often set by differences in an industry, education system and/or family culture.
3) Empower society with the right mindset, knowledge and skills
4) Realize goals & dreams in life.


In our journey of discovering our passion and dreams, there is always a trigger point, it may be a person or something that triggers to flip your switch (to on) your light bulb. We have a lot of switches in our life, we need someone to flip all the switch to “ON” the electricity and light to our room. Otherwise it will still be filled with darkness. Sometimes we analyze too much causing us to be paralyzed by fear & confusion, it is just like a room that is too bright and cause a pain to the eye. What we need to do is flip off a few switches. 

We “Switch Flipper”, we are dedicated and trained to either FLIP your switches ON or OFF; we are the trigger to activate your dreams, creativity, purpose, talents and hidden skillsets.



 Mr. Joshua Wong: Founder
Bruce Lee’s Martial Arts & Philosophy Trainer / Women’s Self-Defense Trainer

Mr Joshua Wong holds a Bachelor Degree in Marketing & International Trade. As a professional trainer, he specializes in Self-Defense & Physical Developmental programs. He combined both Mind & Physical Training aspects into all of his training programs.

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Mr. Kevin Khoo: Co-Founder

Mr. Kevin Khoo: Co-Founder
Soft Skills Trainer, HRDF Certified Trainer

Mr Kevin Khoo holds a Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering (1st class honour) As a professional trainer, he specializes in programs such as communications and business presentations. He is also a certified HRDF trainer, certified financial planner (RFP) as well as a Project Management Professional (PMP).

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