Joshua Wong

Mr Joshua Wong holds a Bachelor Degree in Marketing & International Trade. As a professional trainer, he specializes in Self-Defense & Physical Developmental programs, such as Jeet Kune Do, Women’s Self-Defense Program & The Mind & Physical Self-Defense Program. He combined both Mind & Physical Training aspects into all of his training programs. He has also founded his own kind of Mixed Martial Arts named as Urban Defensive Combat, combining both Western and Eastern Martial Arts philosophies and skills into one, for the purpose of street defense and fitness.

Joshua Wong begin his martial arts training, in Taekwondo (ITF) in 2000. Obtained a Black Belt in Taekwondo on the 14th July 2002.  Continued training in Taekwondo for many years, until the year 2008, he started training in Wing Chun with 2 different Sifu. Soon after several years of training in Wing Chun, he realized that each martial arts has its own SET of beliefs and limitations. He realized that this is one of the main reason that separates people and at the same time limits a person’s creativity & potential. He started to do in-depth research on why Bruce Lee developed his art of fighting & His philosophies. He then decided to shift to Jeet Kune Do – the Philosophy of Bruce Lee, and trained under Sifu Darian Lim.

Bruce Lee’s philosophy on life has greatly influenced and trained His Mind to think and act differently. Most importantly, the courage to be different from others. Since then he has developed and created numerous movements including business, training programs, and community that is highly motivated and inspired by Bruce Lee’s philosophies. As an instructor & founder of a company, his Vision is to break society’s mind & physical limitations to discover their potentials.

He is also the Founder of Switch Flipper Training Provider. In less than a year of startup, he managed to get his own training center & was interviewed by numerous medias such as BERNAMA TV & NTV7.

  • Founder of Switch Flipper Training Provider PLT: Soft Skills & Martial Arts Training Provider
  • Founder of Women’s Self-Defense Community Program (WSDP)
  • Founder of Urban Defensive Combat :Mixed Western & Eastern Martial Arts
  • Founder & Creator of “The Mind & Physical Self-defense Program”.
  • Regional Administrator of BNI Region KLWest & South, Perak. (Connected to more than 800 Business Owners from Various Industries).
  • Trained more than 300 students in 2016.
  • All Weekly Programs featured on KFIT, Groupon,
  • On-going Weekly Classes at Own Studio & YMCA,Brickfields.
  • Obtained own Training Studio & Interviewed by Local Medias in less than 1 year of setup
  • Featured & Interviewed by BERNAMA TV in Dec’ 2015 as the founder of The Women’s Self-Defense Community.
  • Featured & Interviewed by NTV7 in March 2016, Bella Weekend Program Titled: Bruce Lee’s Legacy.
  • Featured on YouTube Radio “MyKale Radio”, theme Children’s Safety. Topic: Your PRADA determines your children’s safety & development (PRADA: PRIORITY, RESPONSIBILITY, AWARENESS, DILIGENCE, ACTIONS)


  1. CARIGALI, PETRONAS “THE MIND & PHYSICAL SELF-DEFENSE WORKSHOP” at Twin Towers Fitness Centre on 1st June 2016
  2. The Club, Bukit Utama Community (19th August 2016 – 29th Feb 2016)
  3. Business International Network(BNI) Team Building Program
  5. JCI Mines
  6. Sunway University College
  7. Wanita UMNO
  8. Seed Resources Centre
  9. Mac Food Services (M) Sdn. Bhd.
  10. Ispirit Asia
  11. YMCA, Brickfields
  12. Ageless Beauty Pageants
  13. AECOM Malaysia
  14. Barry Callebaut Malaysia

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BERNAMA TV Interview