Kevin Khoo

kevin-khooMr Kevin Khoo holds a Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering (First class honour) As a professional trainer, he specialises in programs such as communications and business presentations. He is also a certified HRDF trainer, certified financial planner (RFP) as well as a Project Management Professional (PMP).

His passion for public speaking started to develop at the age of 11 years old and since then he turned his passion into a full time career to empower others to improve their presentation skills. Throughout the journey of discovery, he also won numerous awards such as Selangor public speaking competition, champion for JCI APCSC public speaking competition (Area Peninsular Central South Malaysia), as well as Toastmaster club champion.

With his professional speaking style couple with his fluency in three languages (English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin), it has made him a sought after speaker at local and private universities and corporate companies to motivate students and individuals (Eg: UPM and Sunway University) He also appeared as one of the host for a local radio talk show and occasionally emceeing in front of thousands of audiences. Not only that, he also involved in voice acting by providing voices in commercial advertisement.

During his 6 years as an engineer cum internal trainer in a multinational corporation and oil & gas companies, it is astonishing to realize that there are so many talented and skilled managers who are paralysed by their own fear in presenting in public and this has greatly affected their career progression.

Therefore, he believes that your ability to communicate effectively will account for 85% of your success in your business and personal life. His famous quote is “if you can speak, you can influence, if you can influence, you can change lives”

  • Co-Founder of Switch Flipper Training Provider PLT
  • Highly Specialized –Focus on 3 programs ONLY!
  • Highly Interactive – Lots of activities!
  • Highly Entertaining – Lots of jokes!
YEAR 2016

YEAR 2016

Achievements and Awards
  • JCI Malaysia Public Speaking 1st Runner Up (National Level)
  • Selangor State Story Telling Competition 2nd Runner Up
  • Toastmaster Club Champion for year 2014 and 2016
  • Toastmaster Club PJ Area – 1st Runner Up