Urban Street Defense

First Combined Outdoor Training


Urban Street Defense is a type of Hybrid-mixed martial arts covers all possible combat range for Street Defense. The Art  can be taken up by both genders, especially Women who wants to be equipped with:
1) Preventive, Efficient & Explosive Street Defensive Combat Skills
2) Fitness
3) Mental Alertness & Body Reflexes
4) Knowledge on Body Pressure Points
5) Western & Eastern Martial arts philosophies

The philosophy of Urban Street Defense(USD) is “Uniting Forms, Breaking Barriers”. It simply means, Uniting the strengths of different martial arts, breaking the barriers and limitation in the art of self-defense.

USD is highly inspired and influenced by Jeet Kune Do (JKD) a martial arts also known as “a style without a style” founded by The Legend Bruce Lee. Many people have used JKD system as a foundation to develop their styles and techniques into an effective art ever since. Despite the development of each individual person mastering JKD, the basic principle of the art is still to be followed as “be like the water”. Hence a good martial artist should move fluidly and act swiftly without hesitation.

MISSION: To Train, Impact and Empower Society through physical and mental application of Western & Eastern Martial Arts philosophies & skills.

The program teaches an individual to flow between different martial arts, and not limiting oneself within just an art, but to go beyond it.

It is Fast, Devastating & Covers all combat range namely:

  1. Long Range : Kicking Interception/Offense Techniques (Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Fencing, Savate & etc)
  2. Short Range : Punching & Kicking Drills (Western Boxing & etc)
  3. Close Quarter Range : Trapping Drills (Wing Chun, Tai chi, Kali, Silat & etc)
  4. Grappling Range : Grappling Drills (Brazilian JiuJitsu, Judo & etc)

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In this program…We are addressing REAL LIFE SITUATION in a particular assault, which most self-defense program failed to address. 

In Real life:

  • A Defender does not know what is coming.
  • The attacker comes with all kinds of attack and will pursue you from all range of attacks, irregardless of which combat range you are specialized in.  
  • The attacker will never attack in slow motion. 
  • Most attacker will start with violent punching and not static grabs.
  • The attacker will not stop attacking you even though you manage to pin them on the ground or got a few hits from you.
  • The attacker will not attack once and freeze for you. 

Self-Defense Program should start to address these issues in order to prepare the students to face real life situations. 


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3 Main Attributes that help you win a fight are:

 Techniques don’t win fights. Attributes does. 

#Strength : You need to have some level of strength in order to defend yourself.

#No Hesitation : Do not hold back your attack & self-defense skill-set during a life and death situation.

#Muscle Memory Responses : Respond to an assault without thinking. 

3 Main Benefits

1)Develop your strength

2)Simplify skill-set to register important muscle memory that will cause you to response immediately to an attack without going through your thought process.

3)Trains you not to hold back or hesitate during combat or Self-defense.

Overall Objectives:  

First Combined Outdoor Training
First Combined Outdoor Group Training
  1. Understanding the purpose of self-defense – Physical & Mental fitness
  2. Increased awareness of environment ( indoor and outdoor setting ) – in a lift, in office/college, car park, in the park, walking along the street, at the traffic lights, at the bus stop, in public transportation, in shopping mall, public amenities
  3. Develop self discipline and good learning posture
  4. Develop self confidence
  5. Increase fitness level /stamina/tone muscle
  6. Weight loss
  7. Increase mental alertness, focus and coordination
  8. Release stress
  9. Overcome fear (that holds one back from going to certain place or participating in certain activities)
  10. Increase alertness and how to protect oneself in Social Media Platform -Cyber bully and Cyber Sexual Threat is on the rise.
  11. To be equipped with the most efficient & effective self defense skills that enable one to protect themselves and their loved ones.
  12. To train up women Trainers, so that they can EMPOWER more women in the society to be STRONG, CONFIDENT and able to stand up for themselves & their love ones.

 Who Is Your Instructor?

Joshua Wong begin his martial arts training, in Taekwondo (ITF) in 2000. Obtained a Black Belt in Taekwondo on the 14th July 2002.  Continued training in Taekwondo for many years, until the year 2008, he started training in Wing Chun with 2 different Sifu. Soon after several years of training in Wing Chun, he realized that each martial arts has its own SET of beliefs and limitations. He realized that this is one of the main reason that separates people and at the same time limits a person’s creativity & potential. He started to do in-depth research on why Bruce Lee developed his art of fighting & His philosophies. He then decided to shift to Jeet Kune Do – the Philosophy of Bruce Lee, and trained under Sifu Darian Lim.

Bruce Lee’s philosophy on life has greatly influenced and trained His Mind to think and act differently. Most importantly, the courage to be different from others. Since then he has developed and created numerous movements including business, training programs, and community that is highly motivated and inspired by Bruce Lee’s philosophies. As an instructor & founder of a company, his Vision is to break society’s mind & physical limitations to discover their potentials.

He is currently the owner of The School of Mind & Physical Development named Switch Flipper. In less than a year of startup, he managed to get his own training centre & was interviewed by numerous medias such as BERNAMA TV & NTV7.

 BERNAMA TV Interviews Founder of Women's Self-Defense & Wellness Community  NTV7 Shooting

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